3d Renderings of Building Products & Materials

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Your building products visualized

Accurate and beautiful 3D views ensure your products are the star of the show. They communicate the passion you’ve put into them.

I’ve worked with local, national and international building material companies to help make their products beautiful. Even when they’re the kind of in-the-wall products that are never seen once the building is completed.

I can do the same for you and your products.  If you have not watched the video which walks you through my process,  have a look, it is on the home page

building systems explained visually

Your building systems explained

Building products are more than just objects in a catalog — they do things. They’re parts and pieces coming together to create the buildings we live, work and play in every day.

With over 18 years’ experience in the architectural technology field, I’ve made it my business and passion to help building materials manufacturers find innovative ways to show their products in a new light.

When I close down my computer each evening, my goal is to have helped a company – I hope yours – tell their building product’s story. How it works and (most important) why someone should use it.

Communicating a building system using advanced visualization in the form of renderings, 3D details and cutaway illustrations is the challenge. Go here to see some examples of how you can successfully meet and conquer that challenge.

building materials in context

Building products in context

Showing your product in context within a completed wall or building system is something traditional photography cannot do. Through the technology of 3D rendering, together we can develop a dramatic cutaway or “exploded” view of an assembly…

…Highlighting where your product fits into the picture and the benefits it provides.

You can find examples throughout this site of my process for explaining building systems in my portfolio.

Example of a Building Product Visualized

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How I develop your product’s 3D rendering

Once you provide the information about your product’s physical properties, I’ll produce a low-resolution rough draft in a few days for your review and approval.

After that, things move rather quickly. Typically, after a few revisions, we’re done in less than 2 weeks.

From our first chat, most projects go from start to finish in under 4 weeks. As the saying goes, “Success loves speed!” Let’s get started today.

When you’re ready to help your prospects visualize your products, let’s talk! Below are a few examples from my portfolio:

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