Award-winning building product videos

Videos which are specifically designed to market and sell building materials. Click the arrow below to see what we can do together to capture the attention of customers and professionals.

Award-winning building product videos

Short, professional videos are the most requested service I provide.

Building material marketers – like you – are looking for best ways to educate your prospects: Architects, engineers, facility managers, builders & homeowners.

3D product explainer animations & videos are the best ways to show how your building product works. They also prove how it solves your prospect’s problem, how it creates value and why they should buy it or specify it.

Below is one example of such a video.

Focused on the building product industry

As an award-winning visualization expert, my specialty is making your building product the star and telling its story in a short video.

I’ve worked with many building product companies over the years, large and small. You’ll find examples of their products and their testimonials throughout this site.

Together, we’ve created video presentations that your prospects watch at a trade show booth, on a website or even on an iPad during a sales call. Video is transforming the way smart marketers are selling building products.

Example of a Building Product Video

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How I create your video specific to your needs

If I haven’t made 3D models of your product yet, that’s where we’ll start. With the leading 3D CAD software, I’ll model & render all the products going into your video.  

Once you review and approve those, I create a storyboard outline. This shows each event in the animation sequence when it will happen and a still image of how things will look at that point in the video.

Once you approve the storyboard, I add motion to the animation and post a video on my website, or on the basecamp project management system,  for your review and approval. Then I make finishing revisions, produce the completed high definition video, and deliver it in any format you need.

Contact me now and let’s get started creating your building product videos today!

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