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Building Products Visualized

Your Products Visualized

We know building products.  We are experts in 3d modeling and rendering.  Putting the two together creates dramatic results for marketing building products.

Your Systems Explained

Your Systems Explained

Building products and systems can be hard to demonstrate and explain to your customers and even within your own organization.  3d cutaways and illustrations just work.

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Your customers hate your installation instructions.  Turn this burden into an opportunity by having us create virtual installation animations and videos.

Your Details Made Beautiful

3d photorealistic details explain and demonstrate how your products should be properly installed and used.   This reduces callbacks, problems in the field and saves you money.

Latest Insights From the Visual Marketing Blog

18 Years . . .  How Did I Get Here?

18 Years . . . How Did I Get Here?

“I want to know if you can see beauty even when it’s not pretty, every day, and if you can source your own life from its presence.” – Oriah Since LinkedIn decided to remind me, and everyone else, that I have been drawing, animating and demonstrating building products for more than 18 years, I have been thinking about how I got here. I’ve always seen things differently than most.  I don’t just want to know how things work, I need to know.   When I was a kid, it was only a matter of time before I stole my dad’s tools and dismantled the new toy, game or device within reach. The ripple effect of parental consequences of this was two-fold.    Firstly,  I destroyed a lot of things in our house trying to take them apart –  conveying a lack of respect for my belongings.  Secondly, I failed to return the screwdrivers to their proper location, showing a similar lack of concern about my father’s tools. I have always found beauty in functional objects.  If you remove or change one little aspect of a part, it either doesn’t work anymore or it’s not as efficient as it could be.   I eventually did learn how to put things back together without ruining them, and actually developed an ability to fix things along the way. The greater thing that I learned from this wanton lack of appreciation for my things was an affinity for design, no matter how mundane.  What I would learn later, and build my own business on, is the fact that just simply knowing how things work is useless unless you can pass that information on to others...
Building Product Marketing from the buffet or a la carte?

Building Product Marketing from the buffet or a la carte?

Have you ever been on a family vacation and had to deal with this daunting decision? The buffet versus ordering from the menu?   It feels like a life-changing decision at the time, doesn’t it? The buffet is great because there is a wide variety of options available, but the cost is higher and you have to talk yourself into the entire package as a whole.  Buffets can be really good the first couple of visits, but visiting the same buffet every single day gets old. If you order off the menu, you know exactly what you are going to get and you aren’t going to have to deal with the inconveniences. There are many amazingly talented big marketing firms who specialize in building product marketing, but not every company wants to dive into the whole buffet.   Perhaps it is for economic reasons, or other organizational reasons.  Whatever the reason, there is clearly a much larger commitment involved with retaining a marketing firm for a long period of time. There is a definite trend developing in companies of all sizes choosing to order their marketing services off the menu, a la carte.   Marketing managers for building product firms need to fill their contact list with consultants and specialized service providers who can perform contract based services. These services include   Cad Detailing BIM component development Product photography Graphic Design and Publishing Web Development Content Development Marketing Video Creation Marketing strategy consulting 3d renderings of products 3d animations of product installation spec-writing and consulting copy-writing and content creation social media and search engine optimization   My firm provides some of...

Client Testimonials

Jason provides us with amazing stand-out renderings that we’ve used throughout our media mix. His work is always on time, and will offer creative ideas to improve projects. A pleasure to work with.

Thomas Walsh

I contracted Jason to work on several 3D rendering and animation projects over the past two years and his work has been excellent (and affordable!). We effectively used his renderings and animations for several marketing / promotional applications including print ads, web details, trade show displays, and sales presentations. I have already recommended Jason to other marketing and sales professionals looking to enhance their own product presentations or marketing tools and will continue to do so in the future

Mike Descoteaux

I've hired Jason many times to create architectural details. He does an excellent job blending technical info and creative flair to help create great details.  He is very timely, personable and provides great service, which results in a very good value. I recommend Jason to anyone looking for architectural details.

Kevin Cavanaugh