Install Instructions Animated in 3d

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Your building processes animated…

Think for just a moment… What’s one of the key deciding factors in product selection for both DIY and professional installers?

It’s how it goes together. Plus… architects and specifiers want to see clear, detailed installation information when choosing your product.

Whether it’s a 30-second animation to bring attention to your product’s real value… Or it’s demonstrating every step involved in using your product. We think photorealistic, 3D animation and video are the answer.

In just minutes, a successful animation of even the most complex installation procedures can take a viewer from zero knowledge of the what, how, and why of your product, to understanding and wanting to buy it.

That’s where I can help.

My specialty is using 3D animated videos to help you show how to install your building product.

At the same time, this short, dynamic video I’ll help you create can & should explain your product’s features and benefits in an interesting way.

My goal is to help you leave your customers with a positive impression of your brand. My animated installation videos help you cut confusion and reduce technical calls while serving as an awesome sales tool.

Here is an example of a video that contains a little bit of marketing messaging and a comprehensive step-by-step animated installation procedure.

Example of Install Instructions Animated in 3d

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How we create your 3D animated video

If I haven’t made 3D models of your product yet, we’ll start there. With the leading 3D CAD software, I’ll model & render all the products going into your video.  

Once you review and approve those, I create a storyboard outline. This shows each event in the animation sequence when it will happen and a still image of how things will look at that point in the video.

Once you approve the storyboard, I add motion to the animation and post a video on my website for your review and approval. Then I make finishing revisions, produce the completed high definition video, and deliver it in any format you need.

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