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Start with WHY to Find Your Building Material Marketing Message

Introduction It’s a sunny Saturday morning and I’m stuck here at my computer looking for something to help take one of the things off my “honey-do” list. And it just happened again! Why does it keep happening over-and-over? Like I’m trapped in some lame version of...
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3 Easy Ways to Display Videos at Building Material Trade Shows

If you have come to this article, you've likely done a lot of hard work creating a video for your tradeshow booth.   You're likely at the same point that many of my clients have arrived at : "How do I put my video or videos on a loop and have them run at my booth...
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Using explainer videos to market building materials more effectively

One of the prime visual mediums for enticing customers is through the use of an explainer video. Explainer videos are like elevator pitches for your product. Think of how you can capture your potential client with one of these videos and then you have their attention...
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The Astounding Way the Brain Works in Building Material Marketing

When considering how the visual impressions influence buyers, it is important to understand the brain and the psychology of the mind. We all kind of understand that attractive things get our attention and that we desire beauty over the ugly, but why? Understanding the...
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